Which Sofa Will You Choose?

Looking to buy a new sofa for your home? A sofa is something of a fun purchase. Unlike other furniture items, your sofa is one that you are likely going to spend plenty of time enjoying. Most customers seek aesthetics that match their decor, a shape that fits their design, and a comfortable material. If a sofa generally receives lots of use, it is important that it provide comfort; it should be an inviting place to sit and relax. Other sofas may be more geared towards the visual presentation in a room. Ultimately, your sofa has a purpose and should reflect your lifestyle. What type of sofa will best meet your needs?

For the Adaptable Family

Today’s modern shopper often looks for comfort that will suit a large family as well as their guests. If you have a busy lifestyle that frequently needs some quick adapting, a modular sofa might be right for you. This type of spacious sofa has removable pieces that can be switched out when necessary to make the sofa larger. This enables you to accommodate more guests or minimise your sofa’s size when you need more floor space. The versatility of a modular sofa, sometimes called a sectional, gives you unlimited options, whether you’re watching a movie or hosting an intimate get-together.

For the Frequent Host

The sofa which best suits your lifestyle may in fact be a sofa bed. Do your adult children frequently come home for a visit? Maybe your whole family is planning an extended stay. A sofa bed is an excellent addition when you’ve run out of guest bedrooms, and can be the right sleeping spot for grandkids or other family members. Best of all, if you’re using the bed, it can be easily folded away and tidied up in the morning—leaving plenty of space for activities. Adana Furniture stocks many different sofa beds, so you can select from a variety of sizes, materials, and looks.

For the Classic Household

Still other homeowners will prefer a classic sofa. Your desires might range from a sprawling, “comfy” sofa that is just perfect for snuggling into, or to a chic leather sofa that offers less “give.” Both of these selections are great choices, and will complement whatever look you’re going for.

When choosing a classic sofa or loveseat (a bit smaller), your main considerations will be the sofa material and the comfort level. For sofas meant for a casual lounge, you may want to opt for softer, more flexible material. These will feel more “homey” and are ideal for relaxing with a book or watching TV. Other sofas may be meant for your more formal areas of the home. In this case, decor will be more important. You may also want a stiffer material and construction, built to help the sofa retain its clean shape over time.

The Lounge or Living Room of Your Dreams

Your sofa can be a focal point of a well-designed lounge or other space, but don’t forget the supplementary items. Ottomans, benches, armchairs, coffee tables, and other elements help to complete the room and provide you with the essential “look” you’re after. When searching for the ideal decor, Adane Furniture & Bedding is the place to go. Based in the Shoalhaven, we have a full range of furniture in stock and are ready to help you find the very best pieces for your home. Give us a call today!