At Adane Furniture, we’re proud to stock a significant amount of furniture made right here in Australia. In fact, 80% of our pieces are Australian-made. In the 23 years we’ve been in business, we’ve been committed to supporting our nation’s craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and merchants. Providing Australian-made products to our customers allows us not only to continue this great tradition, it also enables us to supply the very best. There are a few reasons we strive to promote furniture and bedding manufactured right here on our home soil, and the high quality of Australian items tops the list. Do you love chairs, tables, wardrobes, and other pieces made down under? Read on to discover a few more reasons we prefer Australian-made furniture here at Adane.


Supporting Our Local Economy


Whenever possible, we not only opt for furniture designed and made in Australia, but we aim to source products which have been locally-crafted. This approach helps us to practice something which is of great importance to us: supporting the local economy. In the Shoalhaven and across the South Coast, partnering with local vendors and suppliers helps to put our profits directly back into our region. We believe this to be a better solution than paying for items manufactured abroad, and we love knowing our dollars are going to benefit our neighbours and friends.


And as a local business ourselves, we’re very keen on keeping the spirit of small business alive here in Nowra and beyond. The sense of community that is fostered by supporting local businesses is vastly important to the success of our society, and the benefits of a strong local economy are reaped by everyone.


Artisanal Furniture for Your Home


We can unabashedly say that Australian-made items are some of the best, and this is especially evident in furniture pieces. With our variety of attractive native trees, beautiful jarrah dressers, oak dining tables, and other items comprised of rich timber add a beautiful touch to any home.


If you’re hoping to create a home that is unrivalled in its stunning decor, Adane Furniture’s products are the first stop. Australian-made furniture means unique, frequently handcrafted pieces that are often one-of-a-kind. You’ll find intricacy and attention to detail in Australian-made furniture that does not exist in cookie cutter, factory produced copies. Don’t settle for those typical pieces. Much more of a story is ingrained within the materials of an Australian-made piece, and that story will contribute to the tale of your home and your family.


Knowing the Source


There is also beauty in knowing the essential source of your furniture and home decor. While you may not be able to precisely pinpoint the origin for every aspect of a piece, the use of Australian wood and the familiarity of a regional designer or manufacturer can give the piece an intrinsic history. You can feel good, too, about the lower impact Australian-made furniture has on our environment. Without utilising the resources required to build and import something from overseas, the impact of items created and transported from within Australia equates to fewer consequences on our environment.


Do you prefer Australian-made furniture? Whether you’re looking for a sleek bedroom set, a stately dining room table, or a simple, utilitarian chest of drawers, we’re confident we have an Australian-made piece to suit your taste. Come visit us at Adane Furniture now, and discover where Nowra buys the best furniture in town.