Life can be tough. After a hard day of work and play, you deserve a place to rest your weary bones. Your bedroom can be that perfect retreat from the stresses of the world. Your bedroom is your domain and your own personal haven. This space is your very own, and you deserve the best in quality and comfort. In your private chamber of rejuvenation, your mattress may be the single most important purchase you make.

Yet, there are hundreds of bedding options out there. Do you know how to choose the perfect mattress? Today, we break it down for you, helping simplify the process so you can go home with the ideal mattress that meets your needs and your unique sleep style. Sweet dreams await….

Size Matters

Before looking at any other factors, you’ll want to settle on the perfect mattress size for you. Many adults head right for the luxurious king, but depending on your bedroom and your needs, a queen or other size might be the better option. If you’re replacing a mattress, you may already know the size you’re after. Otherwise, take a look at your existing space. Consider the area you’ll need to move around in. Will that be best served by a queen bed? A full? Is there space to move past your bed? Is getting in and out of the bed doable?

It’s also worth examining your current furniture. A sparse room may be dwarfed by the stately king, but a well-appointed decor scheme with large dressers and plentiful cabinets may appreciate the balance of a large mattress.

What Type of Sleeper are You?

The most important element to look at when choosing the perfect mattress is how you wish the mattress to support you during the night. What type of sleeper are you?

Side sleepers do best with a soft to medium soft mattress that will allow the contours of the body to sink nicely into the mattress while still supporting the dispersed body weight. This relieves pressure on the neck, back, and hip—common areas of concern for side sleepers. Memory foam mattresses tend to be a good option for a side sleeper—but each mattress (and each sleeper) is unique. You’ll need to give a mattress a quick “test nap” to see how it suits you.

Back sleepers may have more options than other types of sleepers. It’s important to find a mattress that keeps your spine in alignment, but firmness and material are more a matter of preference. Latex and foam mattresses offer cushion and soft support with less “springiness” than mattresses with inner springs. Memory foam provides a supportive base, only sinking in a few layers. Latex mattresses can deliver a bit more buoyancy if you seek something in between.

Stomach sleepers need firm support with the ability to breathe. Spring mattresses or those with a very firm top may be ideal, preventing the sleeper from sinking into a claustrophobic mesh of foam.

A Bed For Every Head

A mattress is a highly personal thing, and everyone has a distinct set of requirements for their ideal night’s sleep. Luckily, there is truly a bed for every head: there are an endless number of possibilities to suit you. Even if you and your bed partner have very different preferences, there are options for dual chambered mattresses that provide separate conditions for each sleeper.

Another option is to choose a mattress with little motion transfer. Memory-foam types and similar options can create motion isolation. If your partner is tossing and turning, these types of bedding prevent you from feeling the effects of their movement. No more sleepless nights from the disturbance of an active bed mate.

Let an Expert Help

Even those who know exactly what they’re looking for in a mattress can use a little help now and again. Why not let a professional bedding expert lend you a hand? At Adane Furniture, we love helping our customers select from the best in Nowra mattresses. We have plenty to choose from. Why not come down and take a look? We just might be your final stop in your quest for the perfect mattress.