5 Signs it’s Time for a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a significant purchase and a very, very important one. Your bed should be a true sanctuary. A place where you retreat from the stresses of the world and allow your body to relax and restore every night. Sleeping well is not just about cosy sheets, fluffy pillows, and a tranquil environment. Though those factors are integral, your mattress is the number one element responsible for a good night’s sleep.

Your body deserves a high quality mattress that offers the right support for your needs (no aches and pains) and which makes you feel your best. Experts say you should replace your mattress an average of once every seven or eight years. Is it time for a new mattress for your bedroom? These 5 signs will let you know when a furniture store visit is in your near future.

1. You sleep better on the couch, or anywhere but your bed.

Do you find you get a more restful sleep when you nap on the couch or stay at a hotel? Granted, hotel beds are generally wonderfully comfortable, but your bed should be a place where you consistently sleep well. If you are noticing that you catch more quality Z’s while you’re away from your own bed, the problem is likely to be the mattress.=

2. You wake up hurting, often in the same areas.

Continuous pain is no fun, but a majority of bodily aches can be remedied with the right sleeping support. A mattress in great condition is essential for preventing sore hips, relieving tense neck muscles, and reducing back pain. Your mattress should not exacerbate existing problems and it certainly shouldn’t cause them.

Waking up with pain might point to a problem with the mattress itself; wear and tear over years start to change the firmness of your mattress and various issues can arise, such as sagging or misaligned springs, etc. On the other hand, it could be that your mattress simply doesn’t mesh with your sleep needs. In either situation, it’s probably time to go shopping.

3. Your mattress is getting noisier.

Mattresses aren’t always completely silent, but an older mattress will start to make its presence known more and more. If your spring mattress generates loud squeaks or your box spring creaks and groans, it may be a sign that a new bed is on the horizon. Your mattress should provide you with the support you need, and the mattress, foundation, and bed frame, must all work together to ensure full support. The wrong frame can cause an otherwise solid mattress to sag in the center or a faulty box spring might prevent the mattress from working effectively. The result? Aches, pains, a noisy bed, and a poor night’s sleep.

4. You find yourself sneezing, itching, or with more watery eyes than usual. In other words, allergies are up.

Older mattress can tend to become allergen-heavy over time. Dust mites and other undesirable elements can accumulate through the years, particularly in spring/coil mattresses. If you’ve observed an uptick in symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, or headaches, the culprit could be your mattress. It’s time for a bedding upgrade to relieve those allergy symptoms. Do you suffer from especially intense allergies? Consider talking with your NSW mattress experts about the most hypoallergenic options available.

5. There are visible issues with your mattress, including sagging, coils poking out, or general wear and tear.

Sometimes it is quite obvious that a new mattress tops your shopping list. If you’re seeing highly visible signs your mattress is worn out or even damaged, don’t ignore those signs. Springs that have poked through (or are close to the surface of) your mattress are unpleasant and painful. A mattress that is sagging strongly is also an indication that you’re in need of fresh, firm support.

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